Mineral Wells Fire Hydrants

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Mineral Wells Fire Hydrants

Postby cwright » Tue Sep 27, 2016 4:57 pm

This is my first post to this board and really not sure who is listening or watching this message board.

In the last few weeks, I have been notified of several fire hydrants that are poorly maintained. I travel around the city to different locations and found several more fire hydrants that were in need of some general maintenance.

These fire hydrants were in need of paint, weed eating, tag markings and greasing. When I talked to Chief Pool, he informed me that he did not have the manpower or the equipment to do these tasks.

I am in the process, of trying to talk to the volunteers or starting a group of citizens to take on this project. If I am able to arrange for this project to be started, I would like to come to the council to get the funding for grease, paint and paint supplies. Currently, I have asked for the current book on the locations and was informed that Mr. Buzzbee (sp) will be generating a map of the fire hydrants in the Southwest area of the city first and then followed by the other areas.

Not sure on time to complete the project, but I would like to have a budget of $2,500 to start. After doing one fire hydrant, I should be able to get a better handle on cost per fire hydrant without having to put in change order request :D

There is no way on this system to show you the picture, but at least one of the fire hydrants had weeds as talk as me.

With this project, I see mapping each fire hydrant, marking each with a tag and maintaining a log of maintenance that the fire department can use for updating any problems.

Please let me know what you think about this project and if you think funding would be a problem.

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